Senior Citizen Singapore

In Singapore, U are considered a senior citizen :

Whichever criteria you used, I am considered a pioneer generation senior citizen in Singapore.

To make senior citizens' life more meaningful, we are encouraged to:

1. know all the elder care services available.

2. continue working.

3. engage in lifelong learning.

4. exercise at least three times a week.

I am quite lucky that I am still able to play tennis at least 3 to 4 times a week. Each time at least two hours. (I have no medical insurance to fall back. My wishful thinking is that government has have some form of incentives to encourage senior citizen to stay healthy!)

Like most senior citizens in Singapore, I was on CPF scheme. When I retired at the age of 55, the then minimum sum of $70,000 was used to purchase annuity from NTUC income. And it pays me a monthly annuity of $450 when I turned 62 years old. This works out to be $15 a day. This is hardly enough for senior citizen to survive.

As work is hard to come by, to continue working, I have started a small consultancy company helping SMEs filing annual returns with ACRA and IRAS.

As I am operating from home, hardly any overhead, so my fee is very affordable .Call 9489-9429 if you need my help.

senior citizen singapore

I have tried internet marketing on pearls and jadeite, but the business cannot take off, as I do not have adequate capital to stock a complete line of inventory.

senior citizen singapore senior citizen singapore

Lately I have studied the quality of drinking water and found that drinking alkaline water will be very good for health, especially for senior citizens, who are slow to feel thirsty. And the cost of producing good alkaline water is very low, so I am selling Nano Water Flasks and Alkaline Water Sticks on internet.

Cost of living has gone up quite a lot for the last few years, Please support Senior Citizen in Singapore; so that they can earn some pocket money.

senior citizen singapore

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